Which apps am I using and why? What makes a mobile app usable?

When I checked my mobile applications, this question came to my mind that why do I use them? I selected most important of them and described why I chose them in the following part of this short article.



It is a great financial app. Because it is easy to use and whenever I pay sth with Monzo card I can check it on this app. Sometimes, it is like a confirmation to my purchases. I can also top-up my card by using the app as well.  There are other reasons people like this app, like reviewing total monthly spending, but for me it is not the case.


Dict Plus

This is a Persian to English(and vice versa) dictionary. It is easy to use but it displays a lot of annoying advertisements. So why I am still using it? Because it is a real need for me (as a Persian Londoner!) and there is no better alternative!



This app helps me to manage my spending each month. Whenever I spend money or add some money to my account I submit it in app based on different category of incomes and costs. It is not so user-friendly and even it displays a lot of annoying advertisements. So why I am still using it? Because again it is a real need for me and there is no better alternative (or at least! I couldn't find yet)


TV Time

New episodes of my favourite TV shows are coming and I should know about them! I can't check the internet time by time for each of them to know when they will release,  because it is frustrating procedure. That's the main and only reason I use this app.


Facebook Messenger

I need to chat with my classmates and friends. So I should choose at least one messaging app for this purpose, but why this one? because many other friends at university already have had it, so I use the one that most people around me have it.



I'd like to know about my friends and family situation and how they spend their time. In addition, sometimes I like to watch some funny videos from other people that can make me laugh.


In conclusion, I use different mobile apps mainly because:

  • They fulfil a need of me and they act as Tools. They ease the way I live.
  • They inform me about new things which I am curious about.
  • They help me to be in touch with other people around me and around the world.
  • They make me amused and are good stuff to spend my spare time with.